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Enhance communication and increase parent involvement for greater student success with HomeLogic!

Easy Online Access

Parent involvement is proven to be critical to the advancement of a student’s education.  HomeLogic makes it easy for parents to both pay fees and review information about their children's progress in school with real time access to student information and a single log-on for multiple siblings.  The intuitive user interface encourages access anytime, anywhere internet connectivity is available, even on a smartphone (iPhone/Blackberry) or tablet (iPad/Playbook). Best of all, the simple self-registration process means no manual account set up is required school staff! 

Improved Teacher-Parent Communication

Getting information home has never been easier. The newly introduced, automated Email Notification alert feature improves communication between parents and teachers. Schools can provide parents with secure access to their children’s grades, assignments, schedule, discipline, fees and attendance information.  HomeLogic also provides schools with the flexibility to configure what student information is available for viewing at any time.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your district’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need for hard copies, while simultaneously reducing printing and mailing costs and minimizing lost school-to-home communications. Middle and High School Students can also utilize online course selection to submit course requests, reducing the need to print/photocopy course catalogs and send them home.

HomeLogic integrates seamlessly with SchoolLogic and TeacherLogic. In conjunction with SchoolLogic and TeacherLogic, HomeLogic engages Parents and Students who are critical stakeholders in the education process to improve student success.

The Logical Choice

As a HomeLogic parent, you can check to see whether or not your child is in class right now, find out what tonight's homework is, confirm that last night's homework was handed in, and view your child's final grades as they exist in the teacher's gradebook at this very moment.

Parent Benefits

Single login for parents with multiple students enrolled at the district.

Access to student’s schedules and attendance information, grades and progress reports.

View a variety of student information, such as discipline, health, list of all teams and organizations a student has joined, fee balances, including a Family Fee Summary and more.

Pay School fees online and Receive automated eMail notifications on grade, attendance and discipline information.

Submit school transfer requests, including school to be transferred to, date and reason for transfer, and view acceptance status.

As a HomeLogic Student, you can see your grades, assignments, activities and request courses.  Stay connected to school and on top of assignments.

Student Benefits

Understand details of assignments, including due date, and special instructions that may be attached to the message.

Request courses for the upcoming school year - check for pre-requisites and view changes or additions that are applied to a student's record.

View your class events and activities planned.

Administrators benefit from self-registration and setup easy, no manual entry by school staff!  Securely engage and communicate with parents and students, with the information you choose to share. Reduce printing and mailing costs and minimize lost school-to-home communications. 

Administration Benefits

Secure Self-registration option for both parents and student.

Engage Parents in their child’s education, a key contributor to student success.

Secure Data - only schools and districts can update and control student information, and user access, user ID's and passwords.

Content control, Schools/Districts can share as much information as desired - choose what student information is available for viewing; change the amount and type of student information that can be viewed at any time

Save costs with online course selection for middle and high school students reducing the need to print course catalogs and send them home.

Improve and streamline communications to home - send messages to parents, guardians and students regarding school or specific student information.

Ensure basic demographic data is up-to-date - view, parents can change and add to information such as address and telephone, emergency contacts and more.

Increase students sense of ownership and responsibility for personal progress through viewing of homework assignments, due dates, grades, test scores and personal course schedules.

Grow sense of student belonging to school through awareness of school activities and general school information such as non-school days, lunch menus and more.

The Logical Choice

Given the multitude of options available for configuring our software applications, SchoolLogic's Services team will work closely with you to ensure a successful implementation.

Below are our current reccomend specifications for the HomeLogic Server.

Server Specifications


Web Server: HomeLogic ASP App




2 (Loadbalance)


Intel Xeon Quad Core






1 Gb/s






50 GB




Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, 64bit

Server Software

Web IIS (built in)

The Logical Choice

HomeLogic has major updates released each summer.  In addition to our major updates, we do issue maintenance releases throughout the year for those and other software updates please login in to the Client Support section of our website by clicking on the Client Login button above right.



The Logical Choice



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